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Best Hotel And Lodging Interactive Application

FIFA Hotel Ascot partnered with TravelClick to drive additional demand from corporate travel programs, avoid paying unnecessary marketing fees, and drive more direct bookings by providing guests with a simple checkout experience. Although FIFA Hotel Ascot was a soft-branded property, they found the fees they paid to their brand’s marketing team were not resulting in a greater share of bookings.

After taking full advantage of TravelClick’s Reservations solutions including TravelClick’s Consortia Program and Channel Manager, they have managed to increase their percentage of direct bookings while increasing occupancy. When they implemented TravelClick’s booking engine in 2016, FIFA Hotel Ascot started offering guests Private Offers (i.e. members-only rates) to entice more guests to book direct. They also began packaging rates with meal plans to provide additional value to guests and drive more direct bookings without sacrificing their ADR.

When FIFA Hotel Ascot was a soft-branded property, their share of direct bookings was <1% and they weren’t getting the GDS visibility or corporate travel growth they were looking for. Since implementing Private Offers on TravelClick’s booking engine and driving more conversion on through rate plans packaged with free breakfast, FIFA Hotel Ascot has increased direct bookings share to 4% without sacrificing profits or losing out on total booking value by discounting their rates.

FIFA Hotel Ascot has seen a 39% YOY increase in revenue since implementing rates packaged with breakfast, a 12% increase in occupancy across the last three years, and has managed to save costs that were previously lost to their previous provider. By coupling enticing Private Offers and Packaging rates with entrance into a new Consortia program, TravelClick has helped FIFA Hotel Ascot achieve a 68% YOY increase in all bookings and see the growth in corporate travel they had hoped to achieve with their previous provider.




Location: United States

About the Agency:

TravelClick offers innovative, cloud-based and data-driven solutions for hotels around the globe to maximize revenue. TravelClick enables over 25,000 customers to drive better business decisions and know, acquire, convert and retain guests. The Company’s interconnected suite of solutions includes Business Intelligence, Reservations & Booking Engine, Media, Web & Video and Guest Management. As a trusted hotel partner with more than 30 years of industry experience, TravelClick operates in 176 countries, with local experts in 39 countries and 14 offices in New York, Atlanta, Barcelona, Bucharest, Chicago, Dallas, Dubai, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Orlando, Ottawa, Paris, Shanghai and Singapore. The Company also provides its hotel customers with access to a global network of over 600 travel-focused partners. Follow TravelClick on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.