The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2020 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Hotel And Lodging Integrated Ad Campaign

After a tough start of 2019 where on Q1 Digital bookings were down 38% YoY and revenue was down 46% YoY, client needed to go back on track increasing the web performance.

TravelClick noticed that the drop came mainly through a strong competition in the market and suggested to optimize the campaigns based on the search demand available.

In order help Banks Mansion with its need, in Q2 the Google/TravelClick demand dashboard was introduced, a product born from the strong partnership between TravelClick and Google. With the demand dashboard, TravelClick was able to predict the search demand for the upcoming months looking at both top countries and seasonal trends, thus proactively recommend the best strategy in terms of digital media investment.

Specifically, TravelClick was also able to identify on a monthly basis in which countries the demand was rising, and, based on this information, we created specific PPC campaigns targeting those countries adopting a more aggressive bidding strategy in both Google and Bing.

Additionally, TravelClick created new PPC ads showing a dynamic rate pulled directly from the IHotelier Pricing Engine (the TravelClick’s Booking Engine) through an API connection. The ads are showing an unrestricted best available rate in real time, which led to a stronger CTR.

The activity in PPC was supported by a strong digital activity through other down-funnel channels, such as Display Remarketing and Social Remarketing, to make sure to retarget all website visitors abandoning the website without making a reservation.

At the same time, we run an up-funnel activity through Social Prospecting ads in order to maintain the interest during the months where the search demand goes down (October, November, December. Source Google/TravelClick demand dashboard). Final goal was to let users notice the Hotel on Social networks (Facebook and Instagram) where people spend most of their free time.

The targeted audience on prospecting campaign was lookalike based on past website visitor, in conjunction with people interested in Luxury travel, first class travel, boutique hotel or luxury resort.
Our integrated digital media campaigns produced the following results:

•Q2 revenue increased by 45% YoY, and ROAS increased by +21%
•Q3 revenue increased by 9% YoY and ROAS +15%
•Q4 revenue increased by 51% YoY maintaining the same ROAS as the previous year

Overall the Web production of the hotel increased by 4% in bookings and 25% in revenue YoY (Timeframe: Q2-Q3-Q4 vs previous year)




Location: United States

About the Agency:

TravelClick offers innovative, cloud-based and data-driven solutions for hotels around the globe to maximize revenue. TravelClick enables over 25,000 customers to drive better business decisions and know, acquire, convert and retain guests. The Company’s interconnected suite of solutions includes Business Intelligence, Reservations & Booking Engine, Media, Web & Video and Guest Management. As a trusted hotel partner with more than 30 years of industry experience, TravelClick operates in 176 countries, with local experts in 39 countries and 14 offices in New York, Atlanta, Barcelona, Bucharest, Chicago, Dallas, Dubai, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Orlando, Ottawa, Paris, Shanghai and Singapore. The Company also provides its hotel customers with access to a global network of over 600 travel-focused partners. Follow TravelClick on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.