The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2020 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Hotel And Lodging Online Newsletter Campaign

Marriott Traveler’s April email newsletter highlights the best of Marriott’s online travel & lifestyle publication - offering authentic travel stories and experiences from across the world written by local and global influencers who are passionate about where they live and travel.

The Marriott Traveler newsletter combines the power of compelling stories with useful information to encourage subscriber engagement and brand loyalty. Featuring travel tips, foody trips, destination-specific insights, personal stories, and more, the newsletter appeals to a broad audience including millennial travelers who are hungry for experiences and memorable moments. Each issue highlights an “editor’s pick” reading list and wraps up with an inspirational quote and a beautiful Instagram picture and link.

Marriott Traveler newsletters feature content focused on seasonally relevant travel themes and destination-based content to inspire travel and personal fulfillment. The “Namaste” edition of the newsletter included travel ideas for mindfulness, healthy-living, and relaxation. It featured a blissful cinemagraph-style hero image, spa vacation ideas, and travels tips for better sleep on flights. The mindfulness edition generated the highest revenue and number of opens since 2018, and the highest sessions (web visits) in one day since the newsletter launched in 2017. In addition, this email had the highest session duration and pages-per-visit in 2019.


Art Director, Yes Marketing: Sterling Crain
Senior Designer, Yes Marketing: Jenna Bresnahan
Senior Content Director, Yes Marketing: Jen Tabbal
Senior Marketing Strategist, Yes Marketing: Erica Huntley
Marketing Strategy Analyst, Yes Marketing: Diana Prado
Account Manager, Yes Marketing: Kaitlin Seger


Location: United States