The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2021 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Non-profit Online Campaign, Best Of Show Online Campaign

Campaign Audience: Current and future UNICEF USA donors

Campaign Goal: Increases Return on Ad Spend

Campaign Execution & Results:
DELVE implemented a data-driven ad strategy using Google Marketing Platform that delivered a 200% increase in return on ad spend for UNICEF USA. Additionally, this initiative drove 10% year-over-year growth in new users and a 40% increase in conversion rate from the previous website average.

DELVE integrated all UNICEF USA’s media and campaign data with Google Analytics 360 to generate a full view of UNICEF’s programmatic media efforts. This unified data view allowed DELVE analysts to leverage multi-channel attribution modeling to understand how and when each media line item influenced a user’s propensity to donate throughout the customer journey. These insights helped UNICEF USA identify how to distribute budget to drive the most incremental volume of New Donors and Donation Revenue.
By leveraging the audience sharing capabilities of GA360 with Google Display and Video 360, DELVE was able to generate effective remarketing campaigns to re-engage potential UNICEF donors, as well as apply advanced data analysis to personalize ad creative for increased relevance and conversion. These conversations were dynamically tailored to individualize charitable interests (e.g., water, education, nutrition). Google Analytics 360’s customizable reporting provided in-depth insights across media dimensions which helped discover which elements of creative messaging were impactful, neutral, or inconsequential.
This full customer journey view provided insights into the interplay between Prospecting and Retargeting media, and ultimately enabled UNICEF USA to deliver tailored messaging to the right audiences in the right way at the right time.


Creative Director: David Willis
Designer: Madison Stack
Developer: Damir Khairulin


Location: United States

About the Agency:

DELVE helps brands improve marketing ROI and accelerate revenue growth by identifying and converting their most profitable audience segments. As a data science expert, we integrate disparate data sources and technology stacks to deliver analytics and predictive insights that business leaders trust to improve decision making. As a digital marketing partner, we act as an extension of brand marketing teams to plan, deliver and optimize analytics-first media campaigns to accelerate lead generation and recurring revenue growth. As a technology consultant, we provide digital skills training and technology integration services to sharpen digital competency. With locations in North America and Europe, DELVE is trusted by brands around the world for efficient revenue growth. DELVE is a certified Google Marketing Platform Partner, a Google Cloud Certified Services Partner, and one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies.