The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2022 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Health Care Interactive Application, Best Of Show Interactive Application

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a progressive, life-altering disease that is diagnosed at birth and requires treatment to begin just as soon. And those treatments need to be taken multiple times a day for their entire lives. Getting children familiar with the causes and impact of CF at an early age can help them become more engaged with their treatment routine so they remain adherent. Having the words to talk about their CF can also help children advocate for themselves and take on a larger role in their own care.

What better way to grab a child’s attention than by taking a page out of a child’s daily routine: story time?

Eugene’s “Big Book of CF Words” is an interactive dictionary featuring Eugene the Gene, a DNA-shaped character with a lot of big ideas about helping kids learn. Throughout the book, Eugene breaks down complex terms with simple language and friendly characters children will want to engage with over and over again. Visual metaphors and analogies are used to help children make sense of what’s going on inside their bodies. And for young learners, voice-over narration gives them the chance to get the same lessons as their older peers.

By making learning about CF accessible to younger children, we’re helping make CF education and treatment routines part of their story.


Chief Creative Officer: Dina Peck
SVP, Creative Director, Copy: Kieran Alling
SVP, Creative Director, Art: Ryan Bell
VP, Group Art Supervisor: Cara Gagne
VP, Group Copy Supervisor: Alex Siegal
SVP, Managing Director: Jennifer Ohlberg
VP, Group Account Director: Nimeeta Kaur
VP, Group Account Supervisor: Taylor Davis
VP, Director, Project Management: Liz Puleo
Group Project Supervisor: Meg Holung


Location: United States