The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2013 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Advertising Online Video, Best Social Network Online Video

Tasked by 2K Games International to introduce the eagerly awaited game, we decided to blur the lines of traditional gaming promotion and YouTube trailers and do the same time.

The result is an original interactive user experience that allowed fans to get the feel of actual gameplay without ever leaving YouTube. Following a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style path, we first re-created an entire game level from scratch and then added specific points to the gameplay that triggered specific videos based on the user choice. This was done via a special modification to the YouTube API's "annotation" function.

Depending on overall path they chose, users could be immersed in the experience for as long as 18 to 20 minutes offering not only a unique experience but an extended stay within the brand.


Director of Web/Interactive: Michael Marina
Head Of Production: Craig Duffy
Senior Producer: Kaywan Shiraz
Director of Strategy: Sonya Cifuentes-Hiss
Assoc. Creative Director: Cassandra Nguyen
Editor/Copywriter: Asterios Kokkinos
Quality Assurance Lead: David McGreavy
Animator: Rachel Arnold
Senior Community & Social Media Manager, 2K Games: Greg Laabs
Director of Social Media & Consumer Relations, 2K Games: Tom Bass


Location: United States

About the Agency:

The Famous Group is a full-service, fully integrated digital production company, handling all aspects of live action filming and editing, CG/motion graphics, digital development and production for broadcast and the web.