Since 1997, the Web Marketing Association has been helping interactive professionals promote themselves, their companies, and their best work to the outside world.

Here are some of the comments we have received from past participants.

The award brought credibility to our internal resources, efforts and budgets. It also was a great positive emotional lift and affirmation that all the hard work was done effectively.

Cheryl Whyers
Web Producer
Swingline Staplers and Paper Punches

Your Awards are a great way to receive an independent review and compete against others in your industry and specialty. The easy entry format is a big advantage and we have enjoyed participating for the past three years.

Brian Fisher
Managing Partner
Templar Studios LLC

The WMA offers the most comprehensive industry list of any interactive competition, so when your site wins you know it isn't just good in the abstract; it's good in your client's competitive space.

Catherine Wetendorf
Marketing Manager
Refinery, Inc.

I think it is always gratifying to be recognized for service by ones peers in the creative community. Both Studio One Networks and our fine client, Nestle Infant Nutrition were delighted.

Alan Baker
VP Corporate Information
Studio One Networks

Winning so many awards from you year after year has really helped our relatively small business. I believe we are the smallest firm that consistently finishes in your top 10 awardee list---also we are proud we win awards for multiple clients in various industries versus many for one client---this to me validates the effectiveness of our business model and deep talent/experience. We are in a very tough business. Thanks for your efforts.

Jim Ludlow

The award attracted attention in Turkey. CE-Tasarim took place in press many times about 2005 competition which is also a well known organization. We are thankful to WMA.

Caner ISTI
Company President

The Web Marketing Association's award competitions are important programs. We are pleased and honored to have had winning and positive recognition from your organization for our entries. Our achievements tell us that we're on the forefront of this industry, both current and potential clients are always impressed with the work we produce. Receiving an award for a project is a tremendous benefit to our company and positively supports ad2's business development efforts.

Rachel Tomlinson
PR Director
ad2, Inc.

Our participation in the Internet Advertising Competition has allowed us to be listed with other institutions and companies that make a real effort to innovate on the Web. We are very grateful for the recognition.

Andrew McQuinn
Senior Web Designer
Westminster College

We are extremely proud of having won this award from the WMA. The caliber of clients and creative that was submitted and judged was top notch, and we are honored to have our work recognized alongside such prestigious companies and projects.

Keegan Mason
Marketing Coordinator
Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications

Very good press for imc² to be recognized both to the public and to our clients. My client also greatly benefited from the award. It helped to further solidify our relationship. The award helped in promoting our capabilities as an organization.

Jamie Klemcke
Manager of Client Services

It is so important to have venue where our creative efforts can be judged by our peers. Because it's not just what we say about our work. It's about what other professionals in the industry say about our work. It gives us credibility and buoys our clients' confidence in their decision to select us for their project. The awards we receive are equivalent to a large trophy case in our lobby...if we had a lobby.

Sherry Bastion
Principal Designer + Consultant

Our clients and the local industry responded very well upon the announcement of our multiple wins (and our small staff of 35 was thrilled as well!). It's nice to see our hard work pay off; people don't realize the talent in Arizona, so winning these awards helps put us on the map with potential out of state clients.

Rebecca Seymann
Marketing Manager
Rhino Internet Solutions

I was very honored to participate in this years web awards. After 7 years in this industry it was very gratifying to win an award for my efforts. This award has given us recognition for are hard work and efforts and our company provides our clients with webmastering services, by winning this award it shows our client that their time and money invested in the site has been worth it.

Joe LoMoglio
Banat Communications