The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2015 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Outstanding Online Campaign

Eurocamp are the market leaders in self-drive self-catering camping holidays on camping sites across Europe. We offer tents, mobile homes, lodges, chalets and bungalow accommodation, as well as apartments and houses on our apartment resorts. We have over 180 parcs for our customers to choose from, from coastal to inland and city to countryside locations, for couples and families alike.


Commercial Director Eurocamp: Niels Janssen
E-commerce Manager Eurocamp: Eileen Wernsen-Schenk
Senior Online Marketeer Eurocamp: Carola Lialiangas-Blaauwendraad
Commercial Director Ematters: Ruben Niet
Online Consultant Ematters: Karin Woudstra
Senior Designer Ematters: Jack de Haas
Online consultant Ematters: Sophie van der Veldt
Manager Digital Advertising Ematters : Jeffrey Bleijendaal
Online marketeer Ematters: Daniel de Klein



Location: The Netherlands

About the Agency:

Ematters is a real-time marketing agency, based in Amsterdam, which focuses on digital marketing, eCRM and online marketing consultancy.