The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2016 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Beverage Rich Media Online Ad

The Mike’s Lemonade brand is well known for their Hard Lemonade, but many consumers don’t know they have a HARDER product. Yeah, Mike’s HARDER Lemonade has a higher alcohol content than the regular Lemonade, but it doesn’t earn the “ER” from that alone.

In the 2015 campaign, Mike’s wanted to continue to create awareness of HARDER among men ages 21 - 34 and align the beverage with the unapologetically harder lifestyle. Mike’s brought this to life with a “Hall of HARDER,” encouraging the male audience to be so harder they are worthy of a Hall induction.

Following up on award-winning success with true[X]’s interactive engagement ad technology, Mike’s worked with true[X] to entice guys to the “Hall of HARDER” with an experience borrowed from the classic shooter carnival game.

Guys were challenged to see how they handle themselves when things get harder and harder and harder: The game featured 3 levels in which players shoot cans of Mike’s HARDER Lemonade at targets ranging from a boxing glove-clad yeti to a T-Rex, and in each level the target, speed, and weather conditions got harder. Those who were really “HARDER” made it to the end. And those who were prodigies in the art of “HARDER” had their score featured on top of the live scoreboard.

Users spent an average of 75 seconds in the unit, and 23% of them completed all 3 levels of the game. Intent to purchase HARDER Lemonade went up by 53% and brand consideration was raised by 48%.


Digital Director, Horizon Media, Inc.: Collin Middleton
Digital Associate Media Director, Horizon Media, Inc.: Charisse Oraa
Digital Supervisor, Horizon Media, Inc.: Stephanie Kim
Digital Assistant Planner, Horizon Media, Inc.: Jennifer McFadden
VP, Brand Group Director, Horizon Media, Inc.: Dave Kersey
Brand Strategy Supervisor, Horizon Media, Inc.: Ariel Brito
Client Services Director, SapientNitro : Hilary Burns
Art Director, true[X]: Tori Rafanelli
Account Director, true[X]: Justin Brahms
VP, Creative Strategy, true[X]: Alanna Strauss


Location: USA

About the Agency:

true[X] delivers effective advertising for on-demand, interactive media. We believe that ads should be enabling rather than interruptive, and have built the definitive engagement advertising system around our core product of true[ATTENTION], which delivers on the promise of “zero waste” advertising. true[X] provides the best advertising experience for consumers, the best monetization for premium publishers and the best return for brand advertisers. Originally founded in 2007, true[X] pioneered the engagement-based ad model and is headquartered in Los Angeles and New York, with offices in Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit and Seattle. true[X] is an independently run subsidiary of 21st Century Fox. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @truex.