The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2017 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Computer: Hardware Rich Media Online Campaign

Intel and OMD partnered with Amobee to build awareness around 2 in 1 devices that contain Intel technology inside. Intel’s innovative approach to digital advertising with high impact mobile and 3D solutions enabled the brand to effectively reach consumers in-market for devices that combine the performance of a laptop with the ultra-mobility of a sleek, razor-thin device. The campaign message urged consumers to upgrade their device to match their lifestyle and enhance productivity.

Intel utilized Amobee Brand Intelligence to identify historic trends and passions of the brand’s target audience. Football and rock music generated the greatest consumption and engagement during the time frame the campaign would run, guiding creative execution. Proprietary 3D units brought users into an immersive Intel experience with 360-degree models of 2 in 1 devices including navigable hotspots illuminating product features and benefits. The goal was to provide users with an opportunity to interact with the brand in a way that went beyond traditional advertising by pinching, zooming, and rotating the devices within the 3D environment.

Intel was able to provide a high-impact, engaging brand experience that achieved over 35,000+ hours of branded content exposure and 413,000 consumer visits to the Intel site. Amobee’s innovative 3D unit was the most effective in reaching Intel’s target audience, garnering an in-view rate 19% above the campaign benchmark. By understanding their audience and activating media on the most relevant interests of early technology adopters, Intel effectively increased brand awareness and consumer purchase intent.


Sales Manager, Amobee: Danielle Donlon
VP Creative Services, Amobee: Paul DeGrote
VP Sales, Amobee: Lisa Kopp Johnson
Account Executive, Agency Inside: Adam Anderson
Sr. Digital Project Manager, Agency Inside: Vivian Hsu
Global Account Executive, Agency Inside: Regan Rhodes
Digital Investment Supervisor, OMD: Amy Warshaw
Digital Investment Analyst, OMD: Brendan Maher
Digital Operations Manager, OMD: Cathy McNamara
Intel Americas Marketing: Katie Lee


Location: United States