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Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Food Industry Integrated Ad Campaign

Millennial and Generation X females, 25-44 years old, with two children in the household. She is aspirational and aims to please her family, but struggles to juggle her busy life. She constantly collects recipes for inspiration or enjoyment, but she rarely gets to use them.

While Campbell’s has always been a leading brand of packaged foods, their subscriber list had been getting stale. Their loyal customers were naturally aging, so Campbell’s sought to expand their audience and freshen their brand’s position in the food industry, building top-of-mind awareness with busy, ambitious young parents looking for convenient, tasty and nutritious meal options.

To maximize Campbell’s agility in reaching and retaining customers, we created a complete Campbell’s Kitchen pilot program. Through this, we helped identify Campbell’s best prospects and customers, driving them to communication opt-ins and repeat site visitation.

We created a consistently designed email series, a landing page, a confirmation page, Facebook social media ad, a series of subject line and preheader options for testing and optimization – all to build awareness around the same theme: Campbell’s makes it easier to eat real food, prepared at home. The email series included 1 version of an Acquisition email (with an offer) to drive customers to the landing page, and an onboarding stream with two nurture contacts and three trigger emails. The nurture contacts helped guide the customer through the kitchen challenges, solving dinner planning and pantry managing. The trigger contacts were based on search abandonment, active and inactive usage and allowed for dynamic content personalization based on site behavior.

Ultimately, through compelling, well-organized design and engaging copy, we gave busy Moms the content they needed, including recipes and tips to plan and prepare quick home-cooked, budget-friendly food that make mealtime more special and inspire more family time together.

The Campbell’s Kitchen pilot program brought acquisition and retention funnels together in one real-time platform, leveraging data, analytics, AI and machine learning through 1:1 marketing at scale. This drove 36X greater lead acquisition velocity with a higher than average buying rate of condensed soups and a continuous increase in customer spending. Through new AI-powered content recommendations tailored to each customer, Campbell’s saw a 28X lift in email click-throughs. The most engaged audience was identified as 25 to 41-year old moms, reducing the average age of subscribers by 7 years.

Through the program, Campbell’s connected with the customer on a personal level and engaged with her at critical moments, creating value for her and driving value to the company’s customer following–we generated a notable 4.7X lift in net subscriber value in the initial 30-day pilot period.

As validated in the IRI CRM Lift™ Analysis conducted in November 2018.


Exectuive Creative Director: Kris Geist
Global Creative Director: Christine Cucuzza
Senior Creative Director: Rich Patterson
Senior Art Director: Justin Hale
Junior Art Director : Annabelle Smoot
Associate Creative Director: Emily Preston
Creative Project Manager: Amy Lee
Sr. Director, CX Strategy:: Cynthia Janelli
Sr. Account Manager: : Amy Roehl


Location: United States

About the Agency:

We're Zeta Global, a data-driven marketing technology company that helps brands acquire more customers, keep the ones they have for longer and grow their value. We create personalized customer experiences by leveraging strategy, analytics, machine learning and award-winning creative that ignite a perpetual dialogue between brands and their customers. Founded by David A. Steinberg and John Sculley (former CEO of Apple Computer and Pepsi-Cola) in 2007, Zeta has grown to more than 1,200 professionals operating out of 25 offices across the globe. Our SaaS-based ZetaHub platform has been recognized as an industry leader by Gartner, Relevancy Group and other top-tier analysts. Zeta is headquartered in New York City, with Centers of Excellence in Silicon Valley, Boston, London, and Hyderabad, India.