The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2020 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Outstanding Website

Being a heart attack survivor puts patients in a club they never expected—or wanted—to be a part of. But this shocking event bonds them through an experience only they share. By providing a sense of community and purpose, this website helps patients find comfort, strength, and meaning in survivorship as they reset and redefine life after a heart attack.

Patients who’ve had a heart attack feel completely overwhelmed by the event and unsure of what to do next. This website delivers the information they need in a straightforward way so it’s easy for patients to walk away with a clear message. The bold design and empowering mantras motivate patients to take charge of their second chance and not accept a life that’s still at risk for another heart attack. The brand messaging and campaign mantras, like “We Are Survivors,” are inviting and empathetic, reinforcing the overarching theme that heart attack survivors are part of a community and are not alone.

As a result of the new campaign, saw the following results:
• 50% increase in organic search traffic
• 2x increase in CRM registrations
• 62% increase in savings card downloads
• 31% increase in total BRILINTA prescriptions

The site not only educates, empowers, and uplifts its audience, but also reminds patients that they’re not victims of a heart attack—but rather, survivors. And they still have so much to live for.


Associate Director, AstraZeneca: Nicholas Lucente
Marketing Manager, AstraZeneca: Lily Yan
Creative Director, Patients & Purpose: Matthew Sherwood
Managing Director, Patients & Purpose: Dana LaPiana
Associate Creative Director, Patients & Purpose: Nora Travis
Associate Creative Director, Patients & Purpose: Nancy Eldridge
Group Account Supervisor, Patients & Purpose: Laura Howe
Senior Account Executive, Patients & Purpose: Megan Nehila


Location: United States