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Best Advocacy Voice Skill Or Action, Best Of Show Voice Skill Or Action

The Dunkin’ Going Gold campaign on Waze targeted tech-savvy drivers across the U.S. who value convenience and time.

The goal of the campaign was for Dunkin’ and the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation to raise awareness of childhood cancer amongst the Waze community, and to raise money to help children affected by cancer experience the simple joys of being a kid by sending them to 10 special camps around the country specializing in bringing joy to young patients.

Because the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation works with so many organizations that serve the childhood cancer community and the fatality rate for kids with this illness is - tragically - extremely high, it was important to Dunkin’ to be a voice for these children and their families and raise awareness of childhood cancer.

Waze offered a platform to reach millions of drivers across the country with Dunkin’s Going Gold initiative to raise awareness of childhood cancer, where gold appeared on the Waze map and traveled with people as they drove. By downloading the special Going Gold voice pack, with navigation guidance provided by children affected by cancer, Wazers could see the smiling faces of these kids and hear their voices every day in the app, participating in the awareness campaign.


Senior Director, Customer and Community Relations, Joy in Childhood Foundation at Dunkin' Brands: Kari McHugh
Director, Strategic Partnerships at Dunkin' Brands: Justin Unger
Communications Lead, Dunkin' Joy in Childhood Foundation: Anne Fajon
Senior Manager, Joy in Childhood Foundation: April McGonnigal
Senior Manager, Brand Stewardship at Dunkin' Brands: Kendra Cirillo
Senior Manager, Media, Dunkin': Joslin Higgins
Brand Solutions Lead, New England, Waze: Julie Polmonari
Account Management Lead, Waze: Sue Fischer
Head of Global B2B Marketing, Waze: Emma Weisberg
Head of North America Ads Marketing, Waze: Stephen Kliff


Location: United States