The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2024 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Outstanding Integrated Ad Campaign

Aiming to get ahead of the competition during the busy Holiday season, while maintaining rate parity and driving profitability, Oliver Hospitality utilized their long-time partnership with Amadeus to inspire captivating Black Friday promotional campaigns.

Harnessing the power of Amadeus’ Hospitality solutions - iHotelier®, Metasearch, and Guest Management Solutions (GMS), Oliver Hospitality built enticing campaigns that encouraged guest engagement and drove direct bookings.

The first campaign set the stage with iHotelier®’s Member-Rates Merchandising (MRM) functionality to advertise “member-only” deals across top Meta channels, incentivizing both member and non-member guests to unlock a 15% discount on the room of their choice if they sign up and book direct.

Taking it up a notch, fun interactive elements were included for the next round of campaigns, such as countdown timers that built a sense of urgency and a digital prize wheel. Giving great thought into which tactics would deliver the best outcome for both them and their member guests, the prize wheel proved to be the winning strategy for Oliver Hospitality. This interactive game added an element of excitement and anticipation by allowing customers to spin the wheel to win various enticing prizes, ranging from complimentary nights, dining credits, to rate discounts, among others.

By applying these inventive and compelling advertising strategies using Amadeus’ key hospitality solutions, Oliver Hospitality drove Black Friday campaign success that generated over $85,000 in direct booking revenue, as well as 200+ in direct bookings over the short period these campaigns ran from November 4th through November 27th.


Marketing and Creative Director - Oliver Hospitality: Rocky Khamken
Vice President, Sales and Revenue Strategies - Oliver Hospitality: Ashleigh Bowers Narcelles
Creative Manager - Oliver Hospitality: Jake Feasby
Marketing Coordinator - Oliver Hospitality: Taylor Rowell
Senior Customer Success Manager - Amadeus Hospitality: Lise Messier
Product Marketing Manager - Amadeus Hospitality: Jean-Luc Appasamy
Manager, Product Go-to-Market - Amadeus Hospitality: Ava Holter
Senior Analyst, Product Go-to-Market - Amadeus Hospitality: Megan Beeson


Location: United States